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TLF3000 RF PHY Tester

TLF3000 Bluteooth Production / PHY Tester

The TLF3000 is an RF PHY tester used to aid in production and RF physical layer (PHY) testing. The TLF3000 provides RF testing, signal generation, signal analysis and advertiser scanner in one powerful package. It includes a comprehensive library of test plans supporting all aspects of the specific Bluetooth specifications being used in the device under test (DUT). Full support for Bluetooth 5 low energy features

  • 2Mbps speeds
  • Coded PHYs
  • AoA / AoD
All RF-PHY test cases with no additional test equipment required. DUTs can be completed tested to ensure product quality, saving time and money.

The TLF3000 streamlines the workbench and removes the necessity of equipment typically used to perform the same level of testing including:

  • Vector Signal Generator
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • CW Generator
  • RF Combiner
  • Continuously Modulated Inverter
  • Signal Vector Generator
Product developers can focus on their product, and not on mastering a complex collection of test equipment to test it.

The TLF3000 allows developers to test RF PHY on live links and is compliant with all adopted Bluetooth LE Core Specifications. It fully supports the Bluetooth 5 specification and aid in IoT development, providing engineers with means to test their devices while developing, ensuring product quality. The TLF3000 can help streamline the qualification process as well, allowing testing to be performed before the expensive qualification process is begun!

Production Testing / Pre-Compliance Tester

The TLF3000 is a production tester, with potential to test up to eight devices at one time. As production tester, engineers have fine control over test coverage and time, DUT control via serial interface or provocation over the air, and support for a wide range of host interfaces. The TLF3000 makes an excellent pre-compliance tester, allowing the developer to "pretest" with confidence before committing to test houses. The developer will also find it to be useful for:

  • Silicon evaluation (capture corrupt waveforms for detailed analysis and perform RFPHY testing on live links)
  • Silicon characterization (eliminating the need for additional test equipment and dramatically reducing test time and increasing throughput)
  • RMA analysis (simple to use GUI rapidly identifies faults)

Features and Benefits
  • Full support of Bluetooth 5
  • Support for all RF-PHY test cases
  • Compliant with all adopted Bluetooth LE core specifications
  • Fast - 2 second boot time, and the in-band emissions test completes in 2.5 ms
  • Fully configurable test coverage and test time
  • Performs RF-PHY testing on live links
  • Simple and intuitive GUI quickly identifies faults
  • Single signal path eliminates the need for multiple pieces of gear
  • Standalone mode - test scripts can reside on a USB stick
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