Frontline provides two free versions of the Serialtest software: the Capture File Viewer and the Demonstration version.

Capture File Viewer
The 'Capture File Viewer' is an invaluable tool for Frontline's customers. This tool can be very useful for sharing captured network traffic among many people in the same company. For example, a field-service engineer could have one license of the Serialtest software and use it to capture data in the field. He could then save the capture in Frontline's 'cfa' file format and send it to his engineers in the office. The engineers in the office could use the free capture file viewer and identify problems in the network data.

You can install the Free Capture File Viewer by selecting "File Viewer" when prompted during installation.

Demonstration Version
The Serialtest software has a built-in fully functional 'Demonstration' mode. The 'Demonstration' version does not allow you to capture live data capture from your network. It uses a previously captured data to simulate live capture.

This version is very useful to train new users to fully utilize all the capabilities in the Serialtest software. The 'Demonstration' version is also useful for evaluating a purchase of the Serialtest analyzer. Potential customers are strongly encouraged to try out Serialtest's 'Demonstration' version.

You can install this version by selecting "Demonstration" when prompted during installation.

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